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What is DIC?
The Drug Information Centre (DIC) provides authentic, unbiased, well referenced and up-to-date information on any aspect of drug use to healthcare professionals, research scholar and patients. In addition, DIC also publishes periodic health bulletin, newsletter and organizes workshop to enhance the skills of healthcare professionals.

Need of DIC
Limited access to independent unbiased drug information is the main contributing reason for irrational drug use in India. Drug information from commercial sources can be incomplete and biased. Hence, non-commercial and independent DIC with dissemination of unbiased drug information is the need of the hour, especially in India where more than 80,000 formulations are available in the market. With rapid development in Pharmaceutical, Medical & other allied Health Sciences, huge array of information about drugs have been emerging and hence drug literature becomes vast and complex in nature. In India healthcare professional have limited time due to practicing load and limited access to reference books or computer based databases. A DIC equipped with updated resources and database can assists healthcare professionals in updating on emerging trends of various drugs and therapeutics at national & international level. Access to authentic and independent information is fundamental for the rational and cost effective use of drugs.

  • Services provided by DIC
    • Information on all aspects of therapeutic uses of drugs.
    • Information on dose and administration of drugs
    • Information on drug-drug, drug-food & drug-herb interaction.
    •  Information on adverse effects of drug.
    • Indication & safety indication of drugs.
    • Drugs in pregnancy and lactation.
    • Availability / substitute, formulary decision etc.
    • Dissemination of unbiased drug information through release of bulletins/newsletters.
    • Drug information related to academic and research.
    • Continuous education programs for promoting rational use of drugs.

  • Who can avail the services of DIC?
    • Physicians, Pharmacists & Nurses.
    • Medical & paramedical students.
    •  Research scholar.
    • Other health-care professionals
    • Patients & Individuals.

  • Role of Pharmacist in DIC
  • Pharmacists have traditionally played an important role as disseminators of drug information not only for patients but also for healthcare professionals. As medicine expert, pharmacist plays an important role in communicating appropriate drug use, dosage, side effects, storage, drug-drug, drug-food interactions and therefore, more likely to be the first person approached for information to drugs

  • Resources Available
    • Primary resources: Newsletters, 150 Pharmaceutical & biomedical journal, periodicals
    • Secondary resources: Micromedex database (USA), indexing & abstracts
    • Tertiary resources- Pharmacopoeias, Remington: The Science & Practice of Pharmacy, Merck index, Martindale: The complete Drug Reference, Avery’s Drug Treatment, Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, Goodman & Gilman’s The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics, Clinical Pharmacy & Therapeutics by Roger Walker, Helm’s Text book of Therapeutics etc.

  • Drug Information Centre, GIPS
    • Informations to be provided by DIC retrieved from different standard resources and internationally reputed database (Micromedex, USA). Drugs related information may be availed through email, phone or in person.

    Contact details:
    Office of DIC,
    Girijananda Chowdhury Institute of Pharmaceutical Science (GIPS)
    Azara, Guwahati-781017, Assam.
    Telephone: 0361-2843405; Email: dic@gips-guwahati.ac.in;
    Visit- www.gips-guwahati.ac.in

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