Facility: Medicinal Plant Garden

Medicinal plants have great importance in India where people regard them as efficacious agents to combat many ailments. In order to impart basic knowledge of medicinal plants in the subject of Pharmacognosy to the students, a herbal garden containing plants of folklore and medicinal importance was established in the GIPS campus in the year 2007 with a concrete demarcation boundary of 5000 square feet having the provision of shading in 1500 square feet area covered with greenhouse open ventilation type grown area, which is surrounded by well-furnished concrete half-wall boundary. The arrangement is permanent with open ventilation type greenhouse net protection for photosensitive medicinal plants, held together with the concrete boundary and sufficient space for movement of visitors in the gardening area. Our Institute presently having around 95 kinds of medicinal plants and all are tagged with their scientific and local nomenclature. The demo garden will enhance the interest of the students to identify the medicinal plants and to generate the aptitude for research in herbal medicine and for sustainable development.
The densities of plants are proper as per the available area of the garden. The plants are not grown by adopting any specific system, but only certified and authenticated medicinal plants are obtained and grown under the normal environmental conditions by simple plantation procedures. The plants are maintained periodically by the maintenance staff and proper requirements of essential nutrients such as water; manures etc are procured and supplied from time to time for proper growth of the plants. The soil is alluvial in nature and good for some selected species of medicinal plants, which are from time to time procured and grown in the garden.
The composition of the medicinal plant garden committee:
The committee was constituted with the following nominated members and being operational since 2008-09.
1. Mr. Ratul Das, President SSA, Chairperson and Financial Advisor
2. Prof. (Dr) Gauranga Das, Principal GIPS, Secretary cum administrator
3. Dr. Trishna Das, Asst. Prof, GIPS, Garden co-ordinator
4. Dr. Damiki Laloo Associate Professor, GIPS, Member
5. Mr. Biren Kalita, Non-teaching staff, Gardener
6. Representatives of students, Member.