Facility: Life at GIPS

The GIPS campus is designed to get the best out of its students and teachers. The classrooms, the library, and the laboratories are spacious, well planned, and in tune with the requirements of students and teachers.

The stress at GIPS is not just on excelling in academics - the college encourages innovation and entrepreneurship, and trains its students to be citizens of the world with a passion to live life fully.

To help the students get the best of both academics and extracurricular activities, GIPS conducts many educational, cultural, and sporting events.

Sports: Students arrange and showcase their talent in the Annual Sports Week in sports like cricket, football, volleyball, athletics, badminton, carom, and chess. Budding cricketers also participate in the KBM Inter-college Cricket Tournament, held annually amongst all major technical institutes of Guwahati.

Workshop and Seminars: GIPS conducts an annual collaborative workshop/seminar in May. This is a platform that sees enthusiastic participation from students, delegates, and pharmacists from the industry and hospitals of the region. The event’s special guests and their lectures play a vital role in shaping the minds of GIPS’ students.

Celebrations : GIPS and its students celebrate World Pharmacist Day with great fervour. The day is dedicated to each and every pharmacist, who is an integral part of the medical care. It is an occasion to also celebrate the coming of age of the profession in India.

The college also observes National Pharmacy Week in the third week of November. The focus of the week is to create awareness among the residents of Guwahati about the health care system, the profession of pharmacy as a whole and the role a pharmacist plays in their lives.

Health camps : The students of GIPS conduct a health camp every year. These camps diagnose patients on the spot, and provide GIPS with data regarding the diseases prevalent in the area. Students can then plan for treatment and prevention. These camps provide free medicines to the patients.

Euphuism : This is a platform where students can display their innate talents. The annual programme take place in January and has something for everyone - from rock shows, fashion shows, dance competitions, to faculty programmes, and cultural nights.