Information: Rules

General expectations

GIPS greatly emphasises on the character building aspect of education, which is why it expects its students to be well behaved.

All students should be
Neatly dressed in the prescribed college uniform on all working days.

Students should always carry their identity cards on their person and display the same using the cardholder and tag provided. Those who intentionally violate this rule shall not be permitted to attend the classes and will have to leave the campus and will be considered absent.

The behaviour of the students, both within and outside the college campus, must be befitting of the standards set by GIPS.

Use of mobile phone, and similar electronic gadgets is restricted inside the college campus. Mobile phones are to be switched off, when in the classroom. If anyone is found violating these rules, the phone will be confiscated.

Students must park their vehicles in areas designated for parking, and should not use the vehicles beyond those areas. Violators of this rule will be banned from bringing their vehicles inside the college campus for rest of the semester.

USmoking, consumption of gutka/shikhar, chewing gum, or chewing of betel nut inside the college campus is strictly prohibited. Anyone found in the possession of these contrabands will be suspended from the college for a minimum period of seven days, and a fine of Rs. 1000 will be levied.

Punishable offences

Any student will be liable to be punished with a fine, suspension, loss of attendance, refused promotion to higher semester, or even expelled from the institute as per the decision of the Disciplinary Committee / Academic Council if they are found to be:

guilty of persistent insubordination to the teachers or staff, habitually irregular in attendance or inattentive to work in the classes, repeatedly or wilfully mischievous in words or act, guilty of fraud or malpractices at examinations, and indulging in movements which may lead to communal ill feelings or enmity.


Student are prohibited from

organising or attending meetings in the institute, distributing notices, or collecting money for any purpose without the permission of the Principal.
forming any society or association in the institute, and inviting students from the campus to join without the specific permission of the Principal.
conducting any political activity in the institute premises.
agitating in the campus, or disturbing any class in the institute.
ragging, and those involved in such activities are liable for severe punishment.

Damage / loss of property

The college's property must be handled with utmost care, and everything possible should be done to preserve the cleanliness and tidiness of the building, furniture, library books and the premises. In case of damage or destruction, cost of damage will be recovered from the defaulters. In addition, they may be suspended for a minimum period of seven days.


Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited in the college according to the directions of the Government of India and the Supreme Court guidelines. Those found committing this heinous act will be immediately expelled from the college followed by criminal procedures as per the law.


Acts of misbehaviour, misconduct, indiscipline, or violation of the rules mentioned above are also liable for one or combination of the following punishments, in addition to those mentioned against each, depending on the severity of the act:

Warning to the student as well as a letter to the parents.

Asking the parents to visit the Principal at the institute.

Imposing a fine.

Denied entry to the library, laboratory, or any other facility for a specified period.

Refusal of promotion to the next semester, or academic year.

Cancellation of admission.

Expulsion from the institute for a specified period.