About SAIF

The Sophisticated Analytical Facility (SAIF), formerly known as AIF, GIPS, established in the year 2011. It was established with the aim to help the students and researchers to conduct their research work by using the analytical techniques at low cost. The SAIF, GIPS committed to the development of future technical work force and encourages Research and Development activities. Currently the SAIF, GIPS provides a comprehensive array of sophisticated instrumentation services.

The Centre houses the following Sophisticated Instruments: CHNS/O Analyzer, High-Performance Liquid Chromatography, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, Texture Analyser, Viscometer, Lyophilizer, Zeta Sizer, RT-PCR, UV-Vis Double Beam Spectrophotometer, UHPLC, Gas Chromatography, Digital Polarimeter, Microwave Synthesizer, Spectro fluorophotometer, Flash Chromatography, Digital Melting Point, Biochemistry Analyzer Apparatus, ABBE Refractometer etc.