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September, 28, 2023, 4:38pm


Intellectual Property Right (IPR) Cell of GIPS-Guwahati

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce. Intellectual property is safeguarded only if rights (regarding its use) are given to the producers of intellectual property. Intellectual property rights are provided by national governments with the aid of statutory provisions to inventor writers etc. The technological developments in the 20th century have transformed the onus of wealth creation from labor-based’ to ‘knowledge-based’ Accordingly, Intellectual Property has become a fuel that powers the engine of prosperity and further nurture the invention and innovation. This has promoted the worldwide awareness for Intellectual property rights (IPR).

GIPS-Guwahati has a strong R&D cell which promotes, support and uplifts the research activities in the campus. The Institute has been recognized by the Assam Science and Technology University (Assam) to as the core center to run PhD programmes. GIPS- IPR cell was established in the year 2017 with the main vision to promote the innovations, inventions, novelty, and creativity in the minds of the students, scholars and faculties. The Cell was strongly supported by various members along with the Patent Attorney who have experiences in filing patents, copyright, and trademarks.

Objectives of IPR Cell of GIPS

In addition to academic activities, institute also engaged with research and development of new science and technologies. Institution (though their faculty/scholars/students) take up research and development work with support from Government organizations, private organizations, and independent research organizations, which pose contractual obligations on IP related issues and hence it is necessary to create awareness and knowledge to protect the IPs generated in the process and also provide guidelines/rules to the staff on the inventions towards ownership and licensing.

  • To provide an organizational structure and procedures through which inventions and discoveries made in the research may be made readily available to the public through channels of commerce.
  • To protect the legitimate interests of faculty/scholars/students/funding organizations/collaborators to avoid conflict of interests.
  • To ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations and enable the institute to secure sponsored research funding at all levels of research; and
  • To enhance the reputation of the institute as an academic research institution and a member of society by pursuing the highest ideals of scholarship and teaching.

Functions of IPR Cell of GIPS

  • The IPR Cell is responsible for conducting workshops, seminars, and training course on IPR and creates awareness about IPR for faculties and students regarding patent filing processes.
  • The Cell is committed to create an opportunity for Product development and Commercialization by encouraging the development of inventions and discovery resulting from institute level research.
  • The Cell will facilitate the transfer of innovation and findings for the use and benefit of the public, the Institute, and the Creator.
  • Assistance while filling of patents, copyrights, trademark, and design.
  • Endeavor to negotiate and manage agreements to the best advantage of the creator and the institute as are consistent with the Intellectual Property Policy and guidelines.
  • Provide all legal support as deemed necessary or desirable for the protection of Institute intellectual property.
  • Prepare legal instruments necessary to realize the technology transfer objective.
  • Provide legal and administrative support following such realization as needed; and
  • Management of conflicts of interest, including negotiating agreements which are consistent with the Act and the Statutes.

Members of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Cell of Girijananda Chowdhury Institute of Pharmaceutical Science-Guwahati

Name of the memberProfessional DesignationPosition in IPR Cell
Shri. Ratul DasPresident Shrimanta Shankar Academy (SSA), Guwahati. Mobile: 9435112578 Email: [email protected]Chairman
Prof. (Dr.) P. MalairajanPrincipal, GIPS, Guwahati. Mob: 9427706053 Email: [email protected]Member Secretary
Dr. Pritam MohanProfessor, Department of Pharmacology, College of Veterinary Science, Guwahati. Mobile: 9436354207 Email: [email protected]External Expert Member
Mr. Supratik ChowdhuryPatent Attorney, Dibrugarh, Assam Mob: Email:Member cum advisor
Dr. Bhanu Pratap SahuAssociate Professor, GIPS, Guwahati. Mob: 7896843274 Email: [email protected]Member
Dr. Damiki Laloo  Associate Professor, GIPS, Guwahati. Mob: 8134024767 Email: [email protected]Member cum IPR Convener
Dr. Jun Moni KalitaAssistant Professor, GIPS, Guwahati. Mob: 9508980893 Email: [email protected]Member
Dr. Tapash ChakrabortyAssistant Professor, GIPS, Guwahati. Mob: 7002926378 Email: [email protected]Member
Dr. Anupam SarmaAssistant Professor, GIPS, Guwahati. Mob: 9101386317 Email: [email protected]Member
Mr. Bhrigu Kumar DasAssistant Professor, GIPS, Guwahati. Mob: 9101386317 Email: bhrigumon90@gmail.comMember
Special inviteesMember Invitees on special invitations

List of Patents Published by Faculties of GIPS-Guwahati

TitleInventorsPatent NumberDate of filingStatusDetails
A Poly-Herbal Drug Composition and a Method for a Formulation of the Poly-Herbal Drug, For a Treatment of a Cognitive FrailtyAnshul Shakya, Saurabh K. Sinha; Satyendra K. Prasad; Mukesh Kumar Meena, Mangilal Chouhan, Sushil K. Choudhary, Damiki Laloo and Naveen Shivavedi2021106616August 2021GrantedDownload
A poly-herbal drug and a method for formulating for the poly-herbal drug for a treatment of diabesityAnshul Shakya, Saurabh K. Sinha, Satyendra K. Prasad, Damiki Laloo, Biswajit Dash, Debapriya Garabadu, Naveen Shivavedi, and Shashi Kant Singh2021106642August 2021GrantedDownload
Polyherbal Formulation For Improving InfertilityAlakesh Bharali, Dr. Sumanta Bhattacharya, Bramhajit Chatterjee, Dr. Sonjit Das, , Dr. Nitesh Kumar,Vikram Viswajit Binod Kumar Mishra, Dr. Amrita Mishra, Amit Samanta, Satyam Sharma202022102391May 2022 Granted Download