Entrepreneurship Development Cell


EDC (Entrepreneurship Development Cell) was established on 3rd September 2012 with a vision to bridge the gap between Industry and Academia.

The cell undertakes several activities for student development wherein the student gets corporate exposure while studying and develops a spirit of entrepreneurship.

This enables student capability enhancement as well as their alignment with Industry. This way the EDC at one stroke creates a win-win model for students as well as Industry.

Entrepreneurship development cell bridges the gap between ideas to the market product.

The entrepreneurship development cell has taken a greater responsibility to generate entrepreneurship skills among the students and to help them to channelize their goals to become versatile entrepreneurs.

Moreover, we also give exposure to the industrial sector to curious young minds to get the perfect idea of market needs and requirements.

EDC Supports businesses and innovators as they develop, launch, and commercialize their ideas and motivates the students to bring out their latent spirit of Entrepreneurship.

Besides the above, EDC strives to narrow the gap between industry expectations and student capabilities.


The vision of the entrepreneurship cell is to prepare the students to be successful entrepreneurs, who have the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to create, manage and expand future enterprises.


  1. To act as an institutional mechanism for providing various services including information to budding student entrepreneurs.
  2. To create Entrepreneurial culture in the Institution.
  3. To prepare the students to face real-world business scenarios. To catalyse and promote employment opportunities.
  4. To extend necessary guidance and exposure to the students to prepare skilled workforce conduct for taking long/short term assignments of corporate/industry.


  1. The entrepreneurship cell shall conduct expert lectures, workshops, seminars, symposiums, and training programmes to motivate the students for entrepreneurial ventures.
  2. Assist the students to develop own businesses by providing information and intellectual support.

Compositions and Functions:

  1. Chairman- Principal GIPS shall act as Chairman.

Functions: The Chairman of the cell shall chair all the meetings. The Chairman can nominate members, renew the committee and distribute responsibilities to the members.

  • Convener-1(one) faculty person who is also a member of the Training and Placement Committee, nominated by the Chairman

Functions: The convener shall call a meeting as and when required. The convener is responsible to communicate with all the members of the committee and maintain all documents and registers of meetings and activities conducted.

  • Members
  • Four (4) faculty persons who are also members of the Training and Placement Committee are nominated by the Chairman.
  • One (1) External Academician, nominated by the chairman

 Functions: The members shall work to fulfil the purpose and objectives of the entrepreneurship cell. The members will carry out any responsibility assigned by the Chairman. The members shall execute the activities under the cell.

Entrepreneurship development Committee (As on 28/09/21)

  1. Dr. P. Malairajan, Chairman
  2. Md. Faruk Ahmed, External Member
  3. Dr. Sheikh Sofiur Rahman, Convener
  4. Mr. Bhrigu Kumar Das, Member
  5. Mr. Mrinmoy Deka, Member
  6. Ms. Pallabi Kashyap, Member
  7. Arundhati Medhi, Member