Career Guidance Cell


The career guidance cell of Girijananda Chowdhury Institute of Pharmaceutical Science (GIPS) provides the students with relevant academic and career information to make informed decisions along the way, we try to engage the students in various informative career-oriented sessions to enhance the competency of a student in self-knowledge, educational, occupational and career planning.

Our focus is to provide learning opportunities to the students in the areas of academic, career, and personal/social development. Specific inputs are also given to the students regarding career choices mapped and aligned to their interests and passion which will help them to set their career goals.


To empower the students to create and achieve career goals by providing key career development services.


The career guidance cell seeks to educate and equip students to become career oriented as they explore and further understand the different career options to develop as a professional. It further seeks to develop the students to merge their academic and career goals and launch their career plans.

Protocol/ Composition:

The members of the committee will be recruited amongst the internal members of the institution. The committee shall comprise at least seven members including training, and placement officer members nominated by the academic council

  • The Chairman, Principal GIPS will be the Chairman of the Committee
  • Convener, Training placement officer/ Faculty members nominated by the academic council will be the convener for the committee
  • Program coordinator of NBA, GIPS will be nominated by the Academic council and he/ she will be a member of the Committee
  • Other’s members nominated by the academic council of GIPS for the committee are among the members of the training and placement cell


  • Knowledge-building sessions and sessions for soft skills as well as communication skills.
  • To organize workshops/ seminars/symposiums on personality development, interpersonal relationships etc for the all-round development of the students
  • Seminar/ Webinar for competitive exams, higher education, and research opportunities.
  • Seminar/ Webinar/ symposium on career awareness in different sectors for the students so they may select the career with their area of interest.
  • Motivational lectures.


  1. Dr. P. Malairajan; Chairman, Principal, GIPS
  2. Dr. Dipankar Saha; Associate Professor, Member, GIPS
  3. Dr. Bhanu Pratap Sahu; Associate Professor, Member, GIPS
  4. Dr. Sheikh Sofiur Rahman; Assistant Professor, Members, GIPS
  5. Miss Asha Das; Assistant Professor, Convener, GIPS
  6. Miss. Zartaz Wasmin Banu; Assistant Professor, Member, GIPS
  7. Mr. Alakesh Bharali; Assistant Professor, Member, GIPS