September, 28, 2023, 5:07pm
September, 28, 2023, 5:07pm



Students can avail of the hostel facility on a first-come-first-serve basis. The hostel is well furnished and comfortable. Its facilities make it an ideal place to stay and study. There are separate hostels for boys and girls.

Serene and secure, the hostels are designed such that students do not miss their homes. A resident warden, available round the clock, ensures that the student’s requirements are met, and also maintains decorum.

Admission Procedure: To apply for the hostel, submit an application to the Personnel Manager (HR & Admin) through the prescribed form, duly filled and signed by the student, and countersigned by parents/guardians. Once admitted to the hostel, the student must furnish a written declaration in the prescribed form duly signed by the student, and countersigned by the parent/guardian.

Students shall be admitted to the hostel at the beginning of the semester for one year and apply afresh for readmission at the end of the second semester before proceeding on semester break.

Click here to apply for a hostel seat.

Hostel mess: Students staying in the hostel automatically become members of the respective hostel messes. This is mandatory. The hostel wardens are responsible for managing respective hostel messes.

Hostel prefect: The wardens will appoint a prefect for each hostel with the prior approval of the Hostel in charge. Apart from ensuring that the students follow the hostel rules, the prefects will assist the warden in carrying out their duties and will report the illness of any student to the warden. The prefect’s tenure will be of one semester.

Rules: At the time of admission, every hostel border will be given a book specifying all the hostel rules that they must abide by. Students are expected to maintain discipline and an environment conducive to learning Disciplinary action will be taken against anyone that violates the rules and regulations laid down by the Disciplinary Committee.


Girls Hostel Boys Hostel Hostel Admission Incharge:
College Campus, GIPS,
Azara, Hatkhowapara,
Guwahati – 781017, Assam
Intake: 218 students
Warden Name – Bandana Kalita
Phone no – 6900223619
Email Id- [email protected]
Asst. warden Name – Rita Das
Phone no- 7099540408
Email Id- [email protected]
College Campus, GIPS, Azara, Hatkhowapara
Guwahati – 781017, Assam.
Intake: 122 students
Warden: Mr. Amar Deka
Contact no.: 9864381312
Ms. Junumoni Das, Personnel Manager (HR & Admin) Contact no.: 9864151408
Hostel Superintendent (Boys Hostel) Dr. Subhasish Bose Contact no.: 9492017219
Faculty Incharge (Girls Hostel): Ms. Smriti Rekha Chanda Das, Assistant Professor, GIPS Contact no.: 9401162750