GIPS is collaborating with Institutes having areas of common interests in promoting and development in Pharmaceutical, healthcare, and allied sciences, in the field of academics, training and research. Hence it enters MoUs with such Institutes which defines the framework for the cooperation.

The MOUs with such institutes aid to develop collaborative activities in the areas of academics, training, and research activities based on equality and reciprocity. The collaborating institutes shall seek to promote:

  • To collaborate in research and development in the field of mutual interest.
  • To organize and undertake joint research projects.
  • To identify opportunities for transfer of technologies, commercialization of research findings.
  • To protect intellectual property rights of both institutes and filing joint patent application wherever applicable.
  • To promote joint publications.
  • To share publications, research data, library information.

Institutes having MOUs with GIPS:

  • IIE
  • IPCA Labs
  • Eris Life Sciences Lab
  • Further to be added