Extramural Funded Projects

Sl. NoPrincipal InvestigatorFunding AgencyTitleAmount In Lacs (Rs)Sanction Date and Grant NumberDurationStatus
01Dr. Bhanu P SahuAICTE   RPS-NERDevelopment of Dry Powder lnhaler for site specific delivery of nanoconjugates for Lung Cancer23.00File No. 8-9/FDC/RPS (NER)/POLICY -1/2O2O-212021-2024Ongoing
02Dr. Trishna DasAICTE   RPS-NERPhytochemical, Pharmacological evaluation of polyherbal formulation of some indigenous plants of Assam for CNS Activity15.944File No. 8-10/FDC/RPS (NER)/POLICY -1/2O2O-212021-2024Ongoing
03Dr. Junmoni KalitaAICTE   RPS-NERMicrowave assisted synthesis and evaluation of antimalarial and anticancer activity of some novel triazine derivative21.05File No. 8-11/FDC/RPS (NER)/POLICY -1/2O2O-212021-2024Ongoing
04Dr. Damiki LalooAICTE   RPS-GENEvaluation of oral anti-cancer activity of the active constituents from Potentilla fulgens root: A comprehensive in-vitro, in-vivo, in-silico and formulation development study20.9803929.07.2020   File No: 8-19/FDC/RPS/SC&ST (Policy –I)/2019-202020-2023Ongoing
05Dr. Bhanu P SahuDSTDevelopment of nanoconjugates for site specific delivery to lung Cancer cells  21.57521.02.2019   File No: DST/NM/NB/2018/82(G)  2019-2022Ongoing
06Dr. A B AhmedAICTE   RPS-NERDevelopment of nano carriers using isolated biomaterials from a variety of rice grown in Assam for Drug delivery applications25.014.03.2019     8-109/RFID/RPS-NER/Policy-1/2018-192019-2022Ongoing
07Dr. Jashabir ChakrabortyAICTE   RPS-NERQuantification of variation in the L-Theanine content depends on seasonal, geographical and maturity onset factors in Assam Tea leaves and evaluation of acute effects on associated hippocampal with hedonic performance using suitable animal model22.0014.03.2019   8-107/RFID/RPS-NER/Policy-1/2018-192019-2022Ongoing
08Dr. Debapratim DasguptaAICTE   RPS-NERPhytochemical Screening and anticancer activity of some novel medicinal plants available in Northeast region of Assam23.014.03.2019   8-108/RFID/RPS-NER/Policy-1/2018-19    2019-2022Ongoing