Online Workshop on URKUND: Plagiarism Detection System

On the 21st of January 2022, Current Research Journal of Pharmaceutical and Allied Sciences (CRJPAS), R&D Cell of GIPS-Guwahati & eGalactic (India) jointly organized “Online Workshop on URKUND: Plagiarism Detection System”. The online workshop started with a welcome speech by Dr. Anupam Sarma, Managing Editor, CRJPAS and introductory remark by Dr Gouranga Das, Principal GIPS-Guwahati followed by the online training given by Ms. Prity Rathi, eGalactic (India). In the workshop details about plagiarism and its detection system URKUND were demonstrated well. The online workshop concluded with a concluding remark from Dr. Damiki Laloo, Assistant Managing Editor, CRJPAS.

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