Historic Moment For GIPS-Guwahati: Recognized as DST FIST Supported Institute

Guwahati, March 4, 2022: In a historic achievement Girijananda Chowdhury Institute of Pharmaceutical Science (GIPS), Guwahati has been recognized as DST FIST supported Institute in the entire eastern zone this year for the development of Science & Technology Infrastructure.

A team of six members as Project Implementation Group led by Dr. Bhanu Pratap Sahu, along with Dr. Jun Moni Kalita, Dr. Damiki Laloo, Dr. Anupam Sarma, Mr. Bhrigu Kumar Das and Mr. Iswar Hazarika had compiled and submitted the proposal for FIST Support for upgradation of Laboratory Infrastructure for Research, in September. The proposal was subsequently shortlisted for final presentation and Prof. Gouranga Das, Principal of GIPS presented it online on 17/01/2022 to the board members. In consideration of the Institute’s outstanding contribution towards the field of Research and Development and considering the Social Impact and Merit of the proposal the Department of Science and Technology (DST), the Government of India has granted the institute a fund of Rs. 1.1 Crore as support under FIST. This news brings enormous pride not only to the faculty, students, and staff of GIPS but to the entire northeast region since GIPS Guwahati is the only college supported by DST FIST in Level 0 in the entire eastern region this year. The allocated fund shall be utilized to develop research infrastructure for works on the isolation of traditionally used medicinal plants of the region and the development of drug delivery systems for cancer treatment and relevant research. Shri Bijoyananda Chowdhury Secretary of the Shrimanta Shankar Society (SSA) congratulated the team and entire GIPS Family on the occasion and declared that it will be supporting equally in the developments of these labs with best-sophisticated Instruments for the research works.